Hotelia 2016: An entrepreneurial meeting point for restaurant and coffee-making professionals

Friday, 21 October, 2016
Every latest development of the sectors of hotels, restaurants and coffee-making will be presented at this year's Hotelia, the international hotel equipment exhibition organised by TIF-Helexpo from 18 to 20 November at Thessaloniki International Exhibition Centre at the same time as the Philoxenia exhibition. Hotelia will serve as an entrepreneurial meeting point for the abovementioned sectors, given the particularly positive performance of the last event. It is addressed to hoteliers, architects, decorators, technical firms, as well as professionals belonging to the sectors of restaurants, coffee-making and tourism. The design, construction and renovation of hotels, coffee and new technologies are just a few of the categories that the exhibition will include.
This year's organisation will also host DPOINT SPACES, an innovative hotel architecture and decoration event, aiming at highlighting aspects related to the professional activity of every hotelier, architect, decorator, technical firm and professional that is directly or indirectly related to tourism. This year's DPOINT SPACES will feature the presentation of the green zero hotel project (the first modular ecological bungalow), the future boutique project (the boutique hotel of the future) and the rent a design room project (a rented room that 'speaks' the language of design).
Visitors to this year's Hotelia will have the opportunity to become acquainted with THE ART OF DRINKING 'ALL ABOUT CAFÉ', a special thematic event dedicated to the art of coffee, focusing on the evolution and culture of the most popular drink of our times. Focusing on quality and enthusiasm for making an excellent cup of coffee, acclaimed baristas and roasters will present their techniques through a series of seminars and presentations, giving visitors the opportunity to become informed and acquainted with the wonderful world of coffee. Seminars will take place during all three days of the exhibition.
Hotelia will also include parallel colloquiums on the latest and most prominent issues, with one important event being the cooperation between the exhibition and ECO WEEK, as well as the special Google programme titled 'Grow Greek Tourism on line'.
The architectural firms that cooperated with TIF-Helexpo on DPOINT SPACES are MAKRIDIS ASSOCIATES ARCHITECTS, MINAS KOSMIDIS-Architecture in Concept and NOMEN ARCHITECTS.