The 'Philoxenia' – 'Hotelia' – 'Polis' triptych as the epicenter of tourism and regional development

Thursday, 8 October, 2015

The pulse of the domestic and international tourism industry will be racing at the Philoxenia and Hotelia exhibitions, to be held at Thessaloniki International Exhibition Centre from 12 to 15 November 2015, along with the 10th Polis, which will bring together participants representing the entire field of local government from all over Greece.

The 31st Philoxenia International Tourism Exhibition and the Hotelia International Hotel Equipment Exhibition are strengthening their professional character and are being upgraded this year, attracting over 100 hosted buyers (trade visitors invited to attend the exhibitions) from 30 countries.

On the other hand, Polis has the support of the Central Union of Municipalities and Communities of Greece, enabling visitors to become acquainted with all the latest development in service provision and product manufacturing, aiming at serving citizens and improving their quality of life.

The simultaneous realisation of Philoxenia, Hotelia and Polis is an opportunity to present all domestic tourism destinations, as well as the new technologies, services and products of the modern hotel industry.

The international character of the exhibitions is also enhanced thanks to the participation of exhibitors from Turkey, Bulgaria, Tunisia, Egypt, Azerbaijan, Armenia, FYROM, Indonesia, Cyprus, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Hotelia is expanding to new exhibit categories this year, adapting to the needs of professionals active in the hotel sector and, more specifically, in catering and 'café catering'. In this context, the exhibition is focusing on furniture-decoration (design & renovation) technology and security services (technologies) and hygiene and sanitation equipment (clean & maintain).

The parallel events of the three exhibitions include the Philoxenia conference titled 'Destination Thessaloniki', on the subject of the city of Thessaloniki as a destination, examining targeted forms of tourism that guarantee growth 365 days a year.

Another outstanding event to be held in the framework of Hotelia is 'DPOINT Hotel Village', which is dedicated to hotel design, decoration and renovation, 'Coffee Point', which will focus on the art of bartending, and 'Bar Point', which will highlight the art of the cocktail. The schedule also includes 'DPOINT Conferences', i.e. a number of speeches on the renovation and design of hotels, as well as catering establishments.

At Polis, representatives from all the Regions and Municipalities of the country will have the opportunity to present good practices on various timely issues concerning local government.

Finally, it should be noted that Philoxenia is providing numerous solutions for exhibitors, with either large or small (mini booth) spaces of exceptional aesthetics that adapt to the product and service presentation needs of each exhibitor.