The future of Greek tourism at the 'Philoxenia' & 'Hotelia' exhibitions

Monday, 2 November, 2015

The exhibition duo of 'Philoxenia' and 'Hotelia', to be held from 12 to 15 November at Thessaloniki International Exhibition Centre alongside the 10th 'Polis' International Exhibition for Local Government, Public and Social Sector & Private Enterprises, aims at sending a message of growth and upgrading of the country's tourism product.

The recipients of the message of 'Philoxenia' and 'Hotelia' are Greek hotel and tourism enterprises, as well as professionals active in the broader field of accommodation and catering.

The two exhibitions, which will welcome over 100 hosted buyers (trade visitors invited to attend) from 30 countries, will feature events with an international character, such as 'The Art of Drinking Coffee & Spirits', an original, innovative event dedicated to the art of preparing coffee and mixing cocktails and beverages. Further information regarding the event can be found at the following link: (

The goal of 'The Art of Drinking Coffee & Spirits' is to communicate to Greek tourism professionals that they must not merely offer a product, but a complete experience of values and top-level services.

Acclaimed bartenders and mixologists from Greece and around the globe will dramatically prepare and serve their creations, setting an exceptional stage that will impress every catering professional.

Internationally renowned mixologists Marian and και Luca Cinalli of the award-winning London  speakeasy 'Νightjar', the two head bartenders of Dry Martini World, Lorenzo Miglietta and Nelson Alexandre Dos Anjos, the Greek mixologist Alexandros Mavrikis and others will showcase their cocktails, adding a different dimension to the event titled 'The Art of Drinking'.

The coffee event will feature Apostolos Plahouras (representing Nespresso) as a guest.

Admission to the event is free, but anyone interested in attending must register online at the 'Hotelia' website: (the maximum capacity for each seminar of 'The Art of Drinking' is 100 and an order of priority will be kept).

Other events to be held in the framework of 'Hotelia' include 'DPOINT Hotel Village', which is dedicated to the design, decoration and renovation of hotels; this is, in essence, a 'neighbourhood' consisting of top brands and creators aiming at showcasing modern hospitality.

The point of reference and 'nucleus' of this year's event is the presentation of an ambitious presentation titled 'Greek Hospitality Design Spirit', under the design supervision of Minas Kosmidis (architectural engineer), Sotiris Lazos (industrial designer) and Andreas Varotsos (industrial designer). This project will take visitors on a tour of the 4 seasons of the year, starting in the Greek mountains and ending at our country's wonderful seaside.

The goal of the 'Greek Hospitality Design Spirit' team is to communicate to Greek tourism professionals that design can serve as a powerful 'weapon' in the context of improving hospitality services, for the purpose of attracting high quality visitors to our country.

Finally, the schedule will include 'DPOINT Conferences', i.e. a series of speeches on design and renovation for hotels and catering enterprises.