All About Café

“All About Café” by Hotelia is an original and innovative section, specially dedicated to the art of coffee making.

It is a festival that offers professionals and coffee lovers the opportunity to meet in a designed area, where they can taste, attend seminars and exchange opinions on the evolution of coffee nowadays.

In this year’s event, it will consist of the following specialized subsections:

  • All About Café - The Workshops
    Acclaimed professionals who have distinguished themselves in the field of coffee and distinguished Baristas take the lead here, who will shine their lights on the public, through a series of seminars and presentations.
  • All About Café - Latte Art ThrowDown competition
    BARISTAS from all over Greece meet for a friendly skill competition, themed around the art of Latte.

Free entrance to seminars.




Επιμέλεια - Curation

Valantis Lamprianidis
Authorized SCA Trainer / Coffee Consultant / WCE Certified Judge
Iktinou 6 - Thessaloniki 54622