Greek breakfast is a trademark of and synonymous to Greek hospitality.

The Greek “kalimera” (good morning) is taking over the table of the specially designed dining area of pavilion 9. Tastes, ideas, unique combinations, ready-to-go solutions, innovative products, and award-winning producers will be presented during the three days of Hotelia 2021, all on the theme of ‘Greek Breakfast = tasteful hospitality’.


At the same time, all the trends and new applications in the gastronomy sector that were reinforced and established during the pandemic, will be presented through the tasty creation of our team of chefs, at 8 unique events that are journeys through taste. These events can be attended by 35 visitors/event.

Visitors are more informed and demanding, they have cooked a lot, they have “consumed” cooking shows and videos, they have discovered techniques and super foods that had been forgotten, and they have studied a lot regarding: sustainability, food miles, good production practices, green production units, reusing foods and not wasting resources, recyclable materials, and smart packaging. 


On every trip they take, which is now more valuable than ever, the experience should be unique, with a long-lasting aftertaste: they are interested in what is local, national wealth, singular tastes and traditions, people, aromas, and authentic tastes.
Join us and together let us create the future of hospitality!

Entry is Free when prebooking a place