The Hotel Restaurant & Cafe business place

All the developments and trends in Greece and globally in the hospitality, catering, and café industries, will be highlighted at this year’s HOTELIA International Hotel Equipment Exhibition, which will be held from 8 to 10 November at the Thessaloniki International Exhibition Centre.

HOTELIA is addressed to hoteliers, architects, decorators, construction companies, as well as professionals from the restaurant, café, and tourism industries.

The side events constitute a vital part of HOTELIA, adding an informative and educational dimension to the exhibition.

HOTELIA includes a series of innovative events, it attracts visitors from the Balkans, and it strengthens the extroversion of Greek enterprises through b2b meetings with invited hosted buyers.

This year’s side events include:

The All About Gastronomy unit, with the following events:

  1. Nutritious reservation: reserve your place and join in on a nutritious journey through the hidden treasures of Greece,
  2. Nutritious Reservations’ bar: Selected highly nutritious products, dynamic producers, unique creations from our team of chefs, planned meals, and detailed presentations of products, compose this nutritious journey, and
  3. Nutritious Reservations’ Speeches: Health, nutrition, sustainability, “green practices”, environmental footprints, “green” certifications & legislation, and wellness ideas that can and should be incorporated in the new era of tourism hospitality we are entering.

The ‘All About Café’ unit is dedicated to the art of preparing coffee. This year it will consist of the following specialised sub-categories.

  1. All About Café - The Workshops,
  2. All About Café - The Cup Tasting Spot &
  3. All About Café - Latte Art ThrowDown competition.

A unique VR accommodation experience. Staying at a hotel is only half the experience. VR and AR technologies provide potential visitors with an experience that covers all stages of the customer journey, long before their arrival at the hotel, even while they are still at home. The space presented at the exhibition consists of a physical hotel room and a corresponding virtual space, thus completing the entire visit experience.