USP / Glamping site at HOTELIA 

Glamping the new trend in tourism that brings luxury to the outdoors

Where nature meets with luxury. A unique way to visit places of incredible natural beauty, without having to sacrifice modern comforts.

Glamping has emerged from the composition of the terms glamorous + camping, and essentially offers upgraded infrastructure relative to the stereotypical image of a camping.

The way we travel and we experience tourism has changed. Infinite choices offer infinite solutions for unique travelling experiences. Exploration, getting to know the local culture, unique views, fantastic facilities, all can be combined with glamping, the only way to live the most fantastic experiences around the world.

It’s not just a classy tent. The glamping movement grows and expands in the world, to reach unbelievable destinations with unique advantages of comfort and luxury.

All this and much more will be presented by the Urban Soul Project architects, participating in HOTELIA 2018 with a pioneering composition that presents glamping to the Greek audience.

In architectural terms, the idea is based on the creation of a sub-space within the Pavilion of the exhibition, which will be clearly defined to work like metaphor of a glamping outdoors space. Central position in the space will be held by an innovative glamping tent, designed by the Urban Soul Project.

It is a wooden structure with a metal skeleton, suspended in randomly placed pillars, which resemble trees. The design is light and ergonomic, with horizontal wooden elements spaced apart so as not to limit contact with the natural environment.

At the same time the position of the ladder separates the interior into a sleeping area and a living room, with the additional possibility of separating the two spaces with a curtain.

In the “outdoor” space, the visitor can find a meeting place, discussion, rest and relaxation areas. The objects that service visitors and their needs are related to the idea of ​​outdoor luxury tourism.

With a new suggestion for the tourism sector, with great prospects in Greece and internationally, the pavilion of the Urban Soul Project shows us the way for the tourism industry of the future.