Hotelia key points

/Hotelia & Philoxenia together
The most powerful fair “duet” for tourism and hotel will be held at the International Thessaloniki Exhibition Center. The 17.500 visitors of last year’s organization form an important background.

/In the center of the Balkans and SE Mediterranean
The International Thessaloniki Exhibition Center has a geographical advantage which concerns the overall area operators’ being kept up-to-date.
/November the ideal month to conduct a fair 
HELEXPO, stable to its strategy, organizes the two fairs in November, exactly as it happened last year.
Especially for the target audience of Hotelia, it has been proven to be the most significant period of research of behalf of the operators so as for them to be ready on time, with a view to the upcoming touristic season 2017.
/A contemporary exhibition product 
By investing in significant parallel event, Hotelia has managed to be set as a contemporary exhibition product which creates an upgraded experience for the visitor.
/Targeted communication strategy 
Hotelia 2016 will apply a dynamic communication plan which will included all the above and below the line communication actions.
/Hosted Buyers
It is a matter of strategy for every trade fair organized by TIF-HELEXPO, to host selected hosted buyers thanks to the international connections of the organization (being an official UFI member) along with the interconnection offices.