The Hotel Design Event
HOTELIA 2015 presents the DPOINT HOTEL VILLAGE, an original and innovative entity, dedicated to the hotel design and renovation.
The DPOINT HOTEL VILLAGE represents the quality design. This section of the international fair for the hotel equipment, HOTELIA, will join high quality products and materials in a uniform space of mutual philosophy. It will not be so much an aesthetic style as an attitude based on creative principles. So,  this segment wishes to evolve into a “neighborhood”  of  brands and curators who take their orientation from social and aesthetic developments in the way modern hospitality operates. 
Point of reference and core of this year’s organization will be the presentation of an ambitious production (an installation project) named “GREEK HOSPITALITY SPIRIT”, under the design coordination of Minas Kosmidis (architect engineer), Sotiris Lazou (industrial designer) and Andreas Varotsos (industrial designer). Additionally, the working team of the project will be complemented by professionals who will come from the visualizing design, graphic design and sound design fields. The end materialization of the project will be realized with the dynamic and substantial support of construction and first material companies/sponsors. 
With the “GREEK HOSPITALITY DESIGN SPIRIT project, the visitor will travel in a really special way, through the four seasons of the year, beginning from the Greek mountain and ending up to the Greek sea. The spirit of Greek design will be present in various occasions so as to prove in practice that when the goings gets tough, Greeks become even more creative and innovative. In this way, the Greek term “hospitality” (philoxenia) is matched with our traditional and contemporary culture. Principal goal of the working team of the project is to make all Greek tourism related professionals comprehend that design is able to be a really important “weapon” when it comes to improving our hospitality services and thus increasing the attraction of more quality visitors to our country.
This year, the DPOINT HOTEL VILLAGE at HOTELIA gives a promise to all visitors; that they will have a truly special experience through the discovery of a Hotel Design world!